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Will you be a catalyst for our key account teams in driving business development and making sure our tech competence development and client needs are in sync? Will you be our new Technology Principal?

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We are looking for a Technology Principal who plays a leading role in steering and guiding the development of the Tribe and ensuring our full cross-competence offering is actively utilized in the tribe’s business development. Tech principal acts as a source of insights and expertise for key account leads as well as utilizes their excellent communication and teamwork skills to bridge all competencies (tech, design, advisory) to work together in a winning cross-competence offer to our strategic key clients.

To make all this happen, deep digital experience is crucial. As a Tech Principal you have a wide understanding of technology and a toolset of modern frameworks and methodologies in your back pocket. You have several years of hands-on experience in software development and architecture but have extended your range of impact to help customers with your technology strategy and governance expertise. We would be happy to see that you are passionate about business development, people and team development, software engineering, impeccable customer experiences and innovation. Or maybe about something else that we haven’t even thought about. Please tell us

And to be more concrete, here is our wish list

We don’t expect you to master them all, but hopefully this guides you closer to our thoughts and needs:

  • Expertise and vision on what is the next big trend in digital service development technologies
  • Industry expertise on Public Sector, Energy, Manufacturing, Logistics or Forestry
  • Enterprise & legacy software understanding
  • Strong understanding from different cloud ecosystems
  • Deep development experience and understanding,
  • Solution architecture & backend solutions know-how
  • Interest in AI & Machine Learning

What can we offer you apart from growing and learning in your role?

A unique and award-winning culture and work environment, based on values of trust, transparency, caring and continuous improvement. Our reputation as one of the most respected digital companies in the Nordics has allowed us to grow rapidly across Europe. This means that if at some point you would like to have a more international scope to your work and work abroad, you can take part in our expat programmes.

At Futurice freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. We believe that everything good starts with happy people, and everyone is encouraged to contribute and shape the future of our company.

About Tampere

The Tampere loft office located right in the heart of the national landscape along the Tammerkoski rapids is ideal for organizing different types of tech, business and design events. The site focuses both on local clients at the Tampere area as well as serving a few major clients in Helsinki and international locations. We partner with ambitious B2C and B2B clients in assignments covering all things digital, modern R&D and IoT, but whatever we do, we focus our work on bringing real value to our customers and the end users.

About Futurice

Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy that has digital values at its core. We inject life into digital solutions by designing innovative mobile apps and online software – all with a focus on user experience and interaction. We believe that the winning recipe for digital projects is happy people, happy customers, and happy users. Our customers span financial services, media, automotive and energy, amongst others.

Founded in 2000 we are over 600-strong and growing. A Finnish company, our HQ is in Helsinki and we have offices in Tampere, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. For more information, visit

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Ville Keski-Nikkola
Talent Acquisition, Code Witcher, Tampere

+358 40 036 8026

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