Good Karma

More time to learn, take risks and test ideas. The chance to give back through non-profits, and help anyone build a better business.

The Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit
IA is the application of digital technology, particularly machine learning, to support and enhance human capabilities. It helps non-tech experts to create smart service concepts
Project Navigation Game
Project Navigation Game is a game which helps to uncover problems in your project, which you didn’t know you had!
Lean Service Creation
These curated sets of canvases walk you through the steps needed for creating successful services, products, or brand identities.
IOT service Kit
The IoT Service Kit is a board game that brings domain experts out of their silos to co-create user-centric IoT experiences. Work together to communicate, make the abstract tangible, and turn complex ideas into simple steps.
Chilicorn Fund
Chilicorn Fund is our way of making the world a slightly better place.
The Spice Program
Employees work on open source and other social impact projects on their own time, and get paid for it. Includes resources you can use to improve your own company culture, developer relations, and employee engagement through social impact.

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