Juha Pesonen

Lean Service Creation Coach, Senior UI & Consept Designer • Helsinki

Juha Pesonen
Juha Pesonen • Lean Service Creation Coach, Senior UI & Consept Designer

A humanist by heart and inclination, Juha Pesonen has worked on hundreds of innovative and demanding B2C and B2B projects, putting his concept and UX design know-how to use in helping major European companies thrive in a rapidly changing business environment and weather the disruptive storms of mobile technology and digitalisation. His perspective is informed by his deep understanding of human behavior and passion for finding ways to combine the physical and the digital to create meaningful user experiences that fulfill both user and business needs. Juha’s background and degree in education provides him with a key to understanding user behavior in all contexts – how they learn, what their motives are and what informs their behavior. He has worked on a wide variety of services, ranging from entertainment to services used by companies to manage their internal resources.

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