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FutuStories - Phil and what they love about their job as Senior Tech Consultant

Simply put, Phil’s job involves developing client ideas into something tangible. And there’s plenty to love about it – here are some of their personal highlights.

Playing around with concepts

When clients or team members have ideas that they want to try out, I really enjoy exploring how the concepts can work within a product, especially if it’s something that I might want to use myself. I love creating something out of nothing – it’s like having a box of Lego pieces and then using my imagination to decide what I want to do with them. I’m fortunate that I get to play with those Lego pieces every day.

Making coffee

In the office we have a good espresso maker, so making a coffee is always a nice experience. At one point I ended up drinking too many because I enjoyed making them so much, so I had to find other people to make them for too. I now find myself making coffees for teammates, clients, anyone who passes by really – any excuse to use that machine!

Interactions with team members

Good banter and interesting discussions are two things that I really appreciate my colleagues for. There is no negativity among them, and the interactions are always very positive and constructive. It also helps that our desks rotate frequently, so you’ll often find yourself sitting with different people. Another great thing is that there are a lot of comedians at the office; the Finnish mentality matches well with my dry sense of humour, so I often enjoy a good laugh at work.

Choosing what I want to work on

It’s really important for me to work on things that I enjoy, so before joining I made a point of checking that I’d be able to do this at Futurice. It’s worked out really well; you have full freedom to pick and choose your projects here, and you can decide what interests you and how you want to develop your skills in the way that’s right for you. We’re also free to choose projects based on our ethical principles – the only hard part is choosing between so many interesting ones!

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The diversity of my co-workers

Futurice really works on creating diverse teams, so we always get to work with lots of interesting people, giving us a variety of perspectives within each project. Being around inspiring people and engaging in stimulating conversations makes Futurice a fascinating place to work and enables us to achieve better results.

Social opportunities

We often do after-work drinks and hangouts with our project teams, and there are also lots of organised activities such as snowboarding trips and carpool karaoke, as well as social groups. Even during the lockdowns Futurice has been arranging responsible get-togethers in local regions. A big part of this is about supporting employees’ mental health by giving them the option to connect with others if they need to.

The freedom to explore

When people look at tech companies like Futurice, they often expect it to be like Google or Facebook, where you walk in and it’s like a playground. Futurice gives a similar first impression – there are toys, boardgames, VR headsets and other things like that all around the office – but nothing gets wasted here, and everything has a purpose. We get to try new and exciting things, but it feels more like a lab than a playground.

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