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Futurice invests in Vuono Group

A picture of the Vuono Group founders: Rantakari, Kronholm, Moisala

Futurice has made a strategic investment in Vuono Group and the company will join the Futurice Family. Vuono Group is a business engineering company that focuses on increasing digital efficiency through process engineering and intelligent automation. Like other Futurice Family companies, its services and expertise complement Futurice’s current offering to clients in important ways. Our Family companies also provide people at Futurice with a wider variety of career and learning opportunities.

The founders of Vuono Group have a proven track record in the technology business. The company was founded by CEO Ari Kronholm, with a background in investment banking as well as process engineering and process mining. The rest of the core team – Lauri Eloranta, Sampo Hämäläinen, Teemu Moisala and Ali Rantakari – have experience working at some of Finland’s foremost new school tech companies, including Futurice, Columbia Road and Reaktor.

“Vuono Group was started by a team we know and trust. They’ve demonstrated their ability to make a big impact for clients and are working in an area that is of great interest to our clients: modern business process management and building digital efficiencies with hyperautomation. We are looking forward to working with Ari and the team as we continue to extend our client offering through our Family of companies,” says Futurice’s Head of Strategy Anni Harju, who will be working with Vuono Group as a board member and advisor.

“I’m super excited that Vuono Group is joining the Futurice Family. We are committed that together with Futurice and other Futurice companies we are able to conquer the integration, ERP and RPA market and serve our joint customers in the best possible way,” Ari Kronholm comments.

For more information, please contact:

Ari Kronholm, CEO, Vuono Group ari.kronholm@vuonogroup.com +358 50 535 5949

Anni Harju, Head of Strategy, Futurice anni.harju@futurice.com +358 40 766 4281

In addition to Vuono Group, Futurice Family companies are Columbia Road, Aito.ai, Thriv, Meltlake and Recordly.


  • Portrait of Mikko Viikari
    Mikko Viikari
    Co-founder, Futurice