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Five things Tuomo loves about his job

Director of Culture, Tuomo Hakaoja has worked at Futurice for over a decade, holding a variety of roles from client work to internal and leadership positions. Why has he stayed so long? Here are just a few of his reasons for sticking with us down the years.

1. The people are amazing

If you asked anyone at Futurice what they like about the company, I’m sure they’d all answer “the people”. Futuriceans are smart, polite, caring and proactive – there are zero jerks and that’s something really special! It’s safe and fruitful ground to ideate and get excited, and sets the stage for a relaxed environment that’s fun to work in.

The bar for recruitment is high and we don’t have any rock stars – everyone’s willing to learn and share new things no matter their level of experience, background or years spent at the company. Our people are all on the front line with clients, which requires not just professional skills, but also great interaction skills. This is also taken into account during recruitment decisions. You don’t need to be perfect, but you need to have a spark and the motivation to learn.

2. The career opportunities are great

Over 12 years at Futurice, I have always felt trusted and people have been quick to see the potential in me. Even when I’ve had moments of self-doubt and thought I wasn’t good enough yet, I’ve been offered opportunities for roles because others have believed in me, and it’s turned out that they were right to have that faith. There’s always been an opportunity around the corner, even before I’ve known it was something I wanted to try. If someone had asked me 12 years ago how I’d like my career path to go, I wouldn’t have been able to predict it, but it’s been an amazing journey.

3. I get a buzz from our digital consultancy environment

One thing that has kept me here is the fast-paced digital consultancy environment we work in. It changes every day and can be really hectic, but that’s balanced by our world-class working culture with learning in its DNA. It makes it a great place to stay on top of all the digital-related things in the world. We’re at the front line of digital transformation, among the first to know what’s happening and what’s popping up soon. This knowledge, combined with our relaxed culture and mindset, is a great recipe for creating excellent outcomes for our clients – and it’s keeping us relevant today, tomorrow and next year. We’re not just enjoying the ride, we’re steering it too.

4. I’m working on culture in a company where culture is paramount

There are plenty of digital consultancies, and in a broad sense, Futurice is doing the same as many others: creating digital services for our clients. One remarkable thing that differentiates us, in addition to many others, is our culture and our people in addition to many others. Futurice has grown steadily and sustainably over the years, which has helped to maintain and actively develop its culture. We have avoided mergers and acquisitions, instead concentrating on steady, organic growth in a supportive and relaxed environment where psychological safety is prioritized. We’ve been named as the best place to work in Europe by Great Place to Work® twice, all thanks to our culture, people and ways of working. Being able to work on the culture of a company like this, where things are already world-class, is a brilliant learning opportunity for me – and being in a position to develop it further is really exciting.

5. The work-life balance is amazing

I’m really happy that I was able to be at home around the time my two kids were born, first for three months with our older son and then for six months with our second. I had this flexibility despite the fact I was already in a Director position by the time my second was born. No one said it wouldn’t be possible – instead, the attitude was “how can we make it happen?” That’s how Futurice works!

This flexibility is also apparent in my day-to-day work. If I ever need to take a kid to the doctor in the morning for example, it’s okay – meetings can be adjusted without a ton of bureaucracy. The respect for a healthy work-life balance extends to all employees. We’re trusted and supported to make the right choices for our careers and our families, and that makes Futurice a really special place to work!


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