LSC, laughter and learning in Lisbon

Mirkka Länsisalo • Lead Service Designer, Culture Engineer

Two years ago, I met Andre from Productized in Tel Aviv, and he invited me to join the first Productized conference in Lisbon later that year. I was really impressed with the conference - the talks were inspiring and all the arrangements worked just perfectly. Last week I travelled back to Lisbon with my colleague Nelli to join forces with the Productized team and host the first ever Lean Service Creation masterclass in Portugal.

It was absolutely marvelous to see thirty-eight product and service development pros and enthusiasts gathered together in a hands-on workshop to utilize and learn our toolset, and discover what Lean Service Creation is all about.

Lovely room, lovely people.

The day was really intense, it started with a bit of a hassle and some chaos as the first canvases were spread out, and ended with thirty-eight self-confident lean service creators. I guess that is the typical pattern for all successful projects?

First canvas to start with.

Groups learned to ask WHY. By asking the right questions at the right time, they found problems worth solving.

The script.

Needs, feels, what surprised us?

Before creating the concepts, groups used their insights as a basis for ideation: lots of ideas for how to fulfil needs, make the positive even more so and ways to ease the pain. The last ideation round was about the worst ideas ever - everything that comes to mind should be slapped on the canvas, no matter what!

The goal is hundreds post-it's on ideation canvas!

The last round.

In the afternoon, it was time to be bunnies. Raising the energy levels was fun.  

Being bunnies...

Celebration dance!

At the end of the day, all six groups presented inspiring pitches. All had found real problems worth solving and a great way to fix it.

Empathising it!

Numerous ways to successfull pitch.

By the end of the day we had worked on ten different canvases and utilized tools to ask the right questions at the right time, in order to create services that the customers really need and want.

Drawing it into the air.

See you guys again in October at the Productized conference - we will be coaching a half-day workshop with the books and canvases! Maybe chocolates too, and bunnies. Thank you our friends in Lisbon - participants, Andre and the whole Productized team!

Good set to start with.

Introduction to lean service creation in Productized masterclass.

Photo credit: Mr. Mario Pires

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