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Futurice Family’s latest offspring Qlarify brings business-driven quality leadership

Futurice is proud to announce a new Family company Qlarify, whose unique approach to quality leadership empowers clients to gain a competitive advantage in value creation and risk management across all levels of their organisation. Qlarify’s mission is to clarify what quality looks like and help the clients achieve it. More than just consultants, they are partners in your business's success.

Photo of Sami Söderblom and Markku Piirtola

Traditional management consulting firms offer an overarching view of organisations, helping identify what matters most to the business, whereas companies specializing in quality assurance and quality engineering excel at implementation and maintaining quality focus. Qlarify bridges this gap, bringing together the best of both worlds”, says Qlarify co-founder and CEO Markku Piirtola.

We aim to blend the overarching business perspective with practical execution, elevating quality from a mere footnote in company values to a cornerstone of our clients’ success”, Piirtola continues.

Identifying as quality advocates, Qlarify is a dedicated team of professionals who promote and facilitate activities, that have positive impact on quality.

At the core of what we do are classic engineering activities such as experimenting with computer systems – including AI and data systems – to provide critical insight and support for decision-making, automating chores and helping development to run more smoothly. It can have coaching flavours such as building and running company-wide quality community, implementing training programs, and developing quality processes. Ultimately, we aspire to be the key partner in quality who takes the responsibility of leading our clients towards quality mindset and habits. That pays dividends long after we've left the building”, continues co-founder Sami Söderblom.

Qlarify is already the seventh company in the Futurice Family, which is a group of autonomous companies co-founded and majority-owned by Futurice. They all work to support clients with highly specialized services and expertise, enabling businesses to harness the benefits of digital transformation.

As digital technology and AI have reshaped how we engage with customers, make decisions, and execute core processes, focusing on digital quality becomes a key factor in achieving business success. Qlarify, led by industry veterans Markku and Sami, doesn’t just bridge the gap between business and technology – it ensures quality is an integral part of the digital journey and a driver of business success”, says Futurice Family lead Olli-Pekka Saksa.

Establishing new Family companies will continue to be one of Futurice’s ways of providing opportunities for both business development and personal success, as well as accelerating the Group's growth organically.


  • Portrait of Markku Piirtola
    Markku Piirtola
    Co-founder & CEO, Qlarify
  • Portrait of Sami Söderblom
    Sami Söderblom
    Co-founder, Qlarify
  • Portrait of Olli-Pekka Saksa
    Olli-Pekka Saksa
    Vice President, Family Lead