Willkommen in München

Futurice Munich is a tight crew with a family feel and a startup vibe.

The city has Germany’s strongest economy and it shows in the pace and ambition level of our office. The Munich office is located right next to the Munich river Isar and on a sunny day the terrace and backyard offer a great opportunity to get some rest and enjoy the time with your colleagues outside.


Isarwinkel 14
81379 München

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E-invoicing: futurice.D@billbox.com

Futurice GmbH
Futurice München Billbox 729875
40260 Langenfeld

Business inquiries

Helmut Scherer
Managing Director, Munich

Yannick Engel
Business Director, Munich

Media & PR

Simone Mitterer
Director Marketing & Communications

Work with us in Munich

We’re looking for kind and talented people to join our team. We would love to hear from you.