Moro Tampere

The Tampere site (a.k.a Tammerforce) is known for its unique culture, team spirit and general craziness.

The Tampere loft office located right in the heart of the national landscape along the Tammerkoski rapids is ideal for organizing different types of tech, business and design events. The site focuses both on local clients at the Tampere area as well as serving a few major clients in Helsinki and international locations. We partner with ambitious B2C and B2B clients in assignments covering all things digital, modern R&D and IoT, but whatever we do, we focus our work on bringing real value to our customers and the end users.


Kelloportinkatu 1 D
33100 Tampere

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E-invoicing address: 003716235074
Mediator: OpusCapita Group Ltd
Mediator code: 003710948874

Futurice Oy
PL 58552

Business inquiries

Osmo Haapaniemi
VP & Site Head, Tampere

Tuomo Hakaoja
People & Culture Director, Tampere

Jussi Riihelä
Business Director, Tampere

Janne Roihu
Business Director & Sales, Tampere

Joonas Korpela
Business Development Manager, Tampere

Media & PR

Pekka Lehtinen
Marketing Lead, Finland

Arttu Tolonen
Communications Specialist


Ville Keski-Nikkola
Talent Acquisition, Code Witcher, Tampere

Emmi Siitonen
Student collaboration, Tampere

Work with us in Tampere

We’re looking for kind and talented people to join our team. We would love to hear from you.