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IoT Service Kit

The IoT Service Kit is a board game that brings domain experts out of their silos to co-create user-centric IoT experiences.

How can the kit help?

  • Achieve mutual understanding

    Clashes and miscommunication between differing perspectives and disciplines can disrupt the workflow. The playful nature of the Kit brings down walls and naturally incites communication.

  • Stay tangible

    The world of IoT is abstract and difficult to talk about. Simply rearranging tokens on the IoT Service Kit map enables teams to make concepts tangible by physically demonstrating those ideas.

  • Make complex simple

    You don’t need be fully immersed in the tech world in order to use the Kit. The IoT Service Kit presents a comprehensive set of current technology that enables everyone to design for IoT.

The kit consists of three major components: maps, tokens and cards

  • Maps

    The maps provide a general environmental context. Create your own to fit your project’s needs.

  • Tokens

    The 3D printed tokens are physical representations of users, vehicles, and assets that move in space.

  • Cards

    There are five types of cards: Sensors, Interactions, Service Cards, Open APIs, and User Cards.

How it works

Choose the environment

IoT is all about the context. Building a smart home is completely different from developing a conference venue.

IoT Service Kit comes with a set of popular pre-designed maps. Choose the one which fits your needs the best or create your own map.

Focus on the journey

IoT Services typically involve many different actors and participants. Tokens allow you to design detailed user journeys through your physical space.

Design interactions

With cards and tokens you can design each and every interaction that happens as part of your service. Move tokens along the map and have them interact with the stationary cards.

After completing your Service Journey you will have three different outcomes

Tech preview

What types of devices and technologies your service needs to exist

User journey

A visualization of all the steps and touchpoints that make up your service, from the user's perspective

Data mapping

What kinds of data you will need or collect at each step

Can’t wait to test the kit?

  • Download the kit
  • Print it yourself or at any 3D printing shop
  • Start creating awesome IoT services
Download the kit now

Prizes and honorable mentions

We <3 Open Source

This Kit is an open source tool for you to use and develop further with the community.

Check it out on Github ->

License and Sponsorship

The Kit is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY.

Futurice sponsors open source through the Spice Program.

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