Defining the future means much more than using the latest technology.

Maybe it’s a cliché. We believe to see change, you need to make change. Our culture is the cornerstone of our company, and has been from day one. It made us what we are. It defines what we will become. We believe in it. Not because it’s trendy. Because it makes us strong. Succesful. And keeps us human.

Our culture is our code of conduct. It governs how we behave, within the office and without. Our culture illuminates what is permanent and original at Futurice; it’s worth is measured by what happens when nobody is watching.

Our culture is built on four core values

We thrive through transparency.

We trust each other, and our clients.

We collaborate, iterate, improve. Continuously.

We care.

We are empowered

To become better versions of ourselves, to have a positive impact on the world, to make decisions, to be happy. Our people are our pride.

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We are a global community

Opportunities to travel, live, and work internationally. Colleauges that support each other. Vibrant, inclusive offices. Come say hello!

Meet our global leaders

While each person is empowered, and each office has a responsible MD, we also boast an incredible team of experienced global leadership.

Sid Asokan

Global Marketing Director

Christian Ehrling

Operations Director

John Oswald

Global Principal, Advisory Team

Teemu Oksanen

Legal Counsel

Jaan Orvet

Global Head of Design

Olli-Pekka Saksa

Head of HC

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