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OmaPosti: Transforming customer touchpoints into convenient digital experiences

Futurice helped Posti to develop and implement its new digital service called OmaPosti, with the goal of moving traditional touchpoints into the digital age. OmaPosti provides easy access to postal services by bringing each customer’s mailbox right to their pocket, wherever they go.

Posti van driving through a lush green field

The challenge

For centuries, Posti has been at the forefront of Finnish culture and business. Now ecommerce is taking over, with more and more invoices and letters being sent in digital format. It’s clear that the world – including Posti’s business environment – is in the midst of a dramatic technological evolution, and Posti is fully committed to evolving with it.

Posti has long been known as the company that visits the doorstep of three million Finns every day. Today’s challenge for Posti is how to transform these trusted touchpoints into a superior digital customer experience that offers equal and sustainable postal service for everyone in Finland – no matter whether a customer lives in rural Ivalo or downtown Helsinki.

Additionally, OmaPosti's technological backend infrastructure needed upgrading to allow it to more flexibly and efficiently handle the digital-era challenges of serving today’s consumer and business needs.

Closeup of a mobile in hand of a Posti app user looking at the Receiver screen of the app

What we did

As part of a multi-vendor team, Futurice helped Posti to develop and implement their new digital service called OmaPosti, with the goal of moving traditional touchpoints into the digital age. Futurice played a significant role in the overall design process, and the resulting solution is a direct result of effective co-creation with Posti’s internal OmaPosti’s team, based on customer value-driven design and development.

4 People illustrations representing the Post app's options to Send a parcel, Send a letter, Delivery, and Receive.

Specifically, Futurice has been responsible for the successful design and development of the OmaPosti web application. This application provides a friendly user interface with a range of useful features that are easily accessible and designed to help users in their everyday life. The application draws on the latest technologies and can also be installed as a Progressive Web Application directly to mobile devices. Simply stated, OmaPosti provides easy access to postal services by bringing each customer’s mailbox right to their pocket, wherever they go.

In addition to successfully crafting the new digital-era interface with Posti’s customers, Futurice’s work also significantly improved OmaPosti's technological backend infrastructure. By fully automating the deployment and scaling of our backend processes Futurice was able to bring about significant cost reductions as compared with the traditional infrastructure.

Image features Posti app's new and improved UX design using the app interface for Selection of delivery method on the sender's screen and the Receiver's side detail screen.


The OmaPosti concept is based on a comprehensive user survey that interviewed over 50 users, charted their aspirations, and learned about their real needs. The service is constantly being developed and validated according to the needs of the users so that each new concept and feature will provide the best possible user experience. The number of OmaPosti users increased by 50% during its first six months, and continues to increase.

OmaPosti is truly at the core of Posti's massive digital transformation. Futurice has played a key role in OmaPosti's development and has contributed significant expertise and knowledge with regard to both design and technology.
Timo Korander
Head of Consumer Services, Parcel and eCommerce

Why it matters

Posti has always been the familiar, trusted company next door. In every village in Finland, on every street corner, behind every door, they have been at the centre of communication. And now Futurice has helped Posti to create a new channel – OmaPosti – to continue this indispensable role into the digital age.

OmaPosti’s purpose, both traditionally and into the future, is to ensure that life runs smoothly by making the handling of everyday communications and commerce tasks both trustworthy and effortless. OmaPosti successfully fulfils this purpose by keeping its customers updated, by taking care of a range of important communication tasks such as parcel tracking, and by collecting invoices, letters, and other documents in just one place. OmaPosti offers equal services to all users across Finland and reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating extra paperwork and logistics.

posti app on tablet

About Posti

Finland’s national postal service, Posti Group Oyj, is today the leading postal and logistics company in Finland. Their core business includes postal, freight and logistics services. Posti has the widest network coverage in Finland and visits about three million households and companies each weekday. In 2017, Posti had net sales of EUR 1,647 million. The company has operations in 11 countries and employs approximately 20,000 people.

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