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Lean Service Creation

LSC brings structure and focus to service creation.

The curated set of canvases walks you through the steps needed for creating successful services & products. They help you reach business objectives in an iterative and human-centric way. The set is based on experiences from thousands of service creation projects and it’s free to use.

“Lean Service Creation has had an immediate impact on our Digital Transformation, creating both an appetite and a confidence to be different, to push boundaries and to focus only on those options that drive value. A hugely impactful process.”

Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer, Wärtsilä

LSC Toolkit

LSC Toolkit book

Here is the step-by-step guide based on 15+ years of experience in building hundreds of digital services, mobile apps, and other awesomeness. So much valuable knowledge has bever been so easy to take into use! And it's free, of course.

LSC Handbook

LSC handbook

Real-case examples from companies like Wärtsilä, Telia, Osuuspankki and many more give you concrete ideas for how to use the LSC methodology to transform your organisational culture, enhance teamwork practices and innovate new products and services in record time.

What is LSC?

Lean Service Creation (LSC) is a systematic and adjustable way for multidisciplinary teams to create new services.

LSC stems from Futurice’s experience with thousands of software projects and it stands on the shoulders of Lean Startup, Agile methods and Design thinking. Hence, LSC is more than a service design process. LSC is your Sherpa guide through all the phases of creating services from early ideation to finishing the last lines of code.

In practice, LSC consists of a set of canvases that outline the relevant phases in a successful service creation process.

LSC Diagram

LSC Canvases

Have a look also at our
Lean Brand Creation canvases

Our Culture Advisory Offering

LSC Crash Course

We want to give our people an inspiring tasting of customer-centric and lean ways of working with LSC tools.

Crash Course introduces your team to the LSC tools in 2 days. It helps the people to work together solving their own project challenges while using the new tools. After the course people know the tools to continue working with their project.

LSC Facilitation Course

We have noticed that our organisation would benefit from having more people with facilitation skills.

The course gives the first push to your people to start facilitating e.g. workshops. The 1-2 days course consists of hands on exercises with a hint of facilitation theory. The best results come when combining this course with LSC Crash Course.

Actionable CSA & Action Plan

We don't want a report of what should be fixed, we want solutions.

Current state analysis is systematic review (via interviews, observations, and pre-material) of your culture with a focus on agreed dimensions such as customer-centricity. The aim is to identify what is currently hindering your organization from using in its full potential and to arrive in an actionable plan to change things.

Innovation Accelerator

We should create new disruptive solutions to the market, but our processes and silos make it difficult to get concrete results.

A fast track for concepting and validating new innovations with Futurice facilitating and creating content with your team. One round takes e.g. 5 days - there can be multiple rounds with varying sets of your experts. In the end the concepts are ready for go/no-go decision.

Lean Service Creation Program

We have ideas/ products/ services that need more development and validation based on customer needs.

The program is an efficient 2-6 week period when your team learns LSC methods while concentrating on one idea. In the end your people are experts on the subject and know e.g. how to take the concept into a pilot.

Unicorn Package

All these sound interesting but we need a custom mixture of these

Tailored project based on your specific needs.

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LSC Team

Anna-Mari Fagerström
Senior Culture AdvisorHelsinki

Matti Jylhä
Senior Advisor, Founder Futurice SwedenStockholm

Nelli Myllylä
Senior Culture AdvisorHelsinki

Krista Naumanen
Culture & Business AdvisorHelsinki

Nadja Karoliina Peltomäki
Business Design Lead and Energy SpecialistLondon

Sebastian Hojas
Culture & Agile AdvisorHelsinki

Riikka Hänninen
Senior Service DesignerHelsinki

Jori Mäkkeli
Culture Advisor & Project LeadHelsinki

Mirkka Länsisalo
Culture Advisory Lead, Service DesignerTampere

Ayça Özkan
Service Design LeadStockholm

Tuomas Silverang
Business & Service DesignerBerlin

Juho Kinnunen
Culture Lead / Senior Business Designer, OsloOslo

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