New mobile services are reshaping the business of Terveystalo, Finland’s leading healthcare provider.

Mobility reshaping healthcare digitalization


Healthcare digitalization is all about people, meaning the services must be available anytime and anywhere. The market leaders will be those who stay closest to their customers and make them most satisfied.

Challenge description

Create an easy to use, scalable service that would offer the best possible customer experience

Finland is reshaping its healthcare structures and services, with the objective of reducing inequalities in health and well-being, improving the equality of and access to services, and curbing costs. Disease prevention and other types of health promotion, which were already the focus of Finnish healthcare policies for decades, are now more important than ever.

This is exactly what mobile services can provide, making them a business priority at Terveystalo, too. The company’s previous mobile service was outdated, both in terms of technology and user experience, so a mere update was out of question. The mobile platform had to be completely redesigned and modernized. The goal was to create an easy to use, scalable service that would offer the best possible customer experience, also enabling quick access to professional help and the user’s up-to-date medical information. Futurice, as Terveystalo’s trusted partner, was chosen to get the work done.


Remote video consultation or chat with doctors 24/7. Professionals can meet patients from anywhere and anytime without having to travel, meaning fewer peak hours and lower costs.

What we did

We started the project by interviewing the customers and specifying their business goals. After that, we kick-started the mobile application design with two design sprints. During these design sprints, we created prototypes, tested them with the customers and made the improvements based on the feedback. A few weeks in the project, we were already implementing the validated designs in an agile manner and involving customers in test sessions on a bi-weekly basis.

The new mobile application is one of the most important aspect of our digital strategy. Its benefits for the customers and staff are obvious. The Futurice team was just the right one for us, as their competence in both design and coding were a perfect match. The project proceeded as agreed and genuinely involved the users and customers. We are very pleased with the results, not to mention the feedback we got.”

Kaisa Sundman

Product Owner, Terveystalo Oyj

The first version was implemented and tested in-house on a chosen group of people at Futurice and Terveystalo. With our tailored Scrum methods, in which implementation and design go hand in hand, the new features can be created in as little as a month, thus being the complete opposite of traditional, expensive and time-consuming healthcare ICT projects.

We build React Native application for IOS and Android, that are available on the App Store and Google Play. Both are continually updated in close cooperation with the users and based on feedback, making the project truly customer-oriented. The official product launch and transformation will take place in fall 2019, when the new features, including personal health planning and appointment functions, will also be available.

Why it matters

First of all, both the customer and employee experience have significantly improved, creating daily value and competitiveness for the business. Terveystalo customers can get immediate help anytime and anywhere in online chat or remote meetings with doctors and nurses. This makes services equally available everywhere in sparsely populated Finland and lowers the threshold for seeking help, for example for families, disabled people and busy employees. Terveystalo can, in turn, take care of more patients, the patients can be treated from anywhere, peak hours are easier to deal with and less manual work is needed overall. The transparency of personal medical information activates customers before they become patients, making preventive healthcare a reality.

About Terveystalo

Terveystalo is the largest healthcare service company in Finland, a country known as a leader in digital transformation and well-being. The company offers versatile healthcare, occupational healthcare, medical and examination services in approximately 260 clinics and through nearly 10,000 professionals. Their customers include private individuals, companies and associations, insurers and the public sector.

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