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Since 2001, we have worked on more than one thousand projects with over two hundred partners, and we’re known for our humble attitude.

There’s two sides to this accolade. In some countries and cultures — like Finland — being humble is seen as a virtue. As a marketing strategy, it’s not that great.

We’re currently working on a new case study format and getting NDA’s signed off. Until then, browse highlights of our work below.

Discover new customer value at the intersection of e-mobility & energy

We started with the creation of a user experience strategy for Digital Energy Solutions, a joint venture between BMW Group and Viessmann group. Focussed on the management of energy flexibility for small and medium-sized companies, our goal was to provide their optimum energy solution, based on economy, sustainability and supply security.

Guided by a customer-centric perspective, we adopted a multi-layered approach, using innovative methods and tools, to create results fast. We implemented new team structures and organization of work, to make optimal use of everybody’s expertise. Finally, we worked through a change in mindset, to find the sweet spot between what is technically feasible, desired by customers, and viable from a business perspective.

The team discovered completely new business opportunities, combining their vision with experimentarion, and tackling the challenges in many diferent ways. Out of this, new concepts and prototypes were developed. The pairing of BMW and MINI’s existing products with innovative services would create an ecosystem of energy and mobility. A new offer emerged, allowing customers to be sustainable with both their mobility and energy demands., all seamlessly integrated within a premium service experience.

The e-mobility business is maturing. We were grateful for the rare opportunity to shape the future of e-mobility together with the BMW Group – as facilitators, innovators and change makers.

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Build an end-to-end digital sales & delivery platform for renewable energy

Working together with E.ON, we created a seamless and transparent customer experience for buying solar panels and home batteries, called ‘Project Silicon’, via a set of digital touchpoints. These touchpoints help customers calculate the potential benefits and investments, keep customers fully informed of their order status, and provide a timetable for installation.

On the trade side, ‘Project Silicon’ makes the sales process smoother for its delivery partners, by engaging new customers and converting leads into sales, while a quality assurance app (designed specifically for installers) takes care of their needs. Futurice and E.ON digitized the entire sales pipeline from lead generation to delivery, and launched in Germany, reducing the cost of acquiring new customers, while increasing the number of leads and sales, and slashing installation times for solar panels. We ensured the propositions could be scaled, including front and back end development, and new features and functions can be added easily.

Key to the transformation was shifting the business from its traditional focus, towards building a culture in which digital services can be prototyped and deployed faster than at conventional service providers, with increased customer-centricity.

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Create a user-first digital services strategy & award-winning mobile app

Kesko wanted to build a digital strategy that would serve its customers in both the short and long term. One of Finland's two major grocery store chains,900 000 customers visit the chain's 900 grocery stores every day. Providing digital services to make their customers' lives easier is a key strategic focus.

Armed with that clear vision, implementation of the digital strategy started right away. A set of digital service concepts were designed at the Futurice headquarters, and further improved during workshops with Kesko Food stakeholders. This new understanding of the digital and mobile world, and fresh mindset, can now be spread throughout all levels of their workplace.

A mobile app was built to to provide Kesko cutomers’ with intelligent shopping tools, developing their mobile channel and customer interactions. TA service designer, visual designer and technical architects kicked off the project, outlining the service's business objectives, KPI’s, design drivers, and customer journey, as well as key use cases and other requirements. Agile methodologies and validation of the solution with end users allowed the cross-functional team of Futurice service creators to deliver a multi-platform mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) that __meets both the end-users' needs and Kesko's business objectives. __

Two days from launch, the application was at the top of the free apps chart on App Store, while iterative design and development of the application and strategy continues.

Explore the future of CX, biometrics, & identity-security: Helsinki Airport

In an industry-first attempt to enhance the customer experience using biometrics, we worked with Finnair and Finavia to build a facial recognition system for ‘hands free’ check-in, using widely available hardware and software, as well as cloud-based services. The team used feature based facial recognition technology, which turns facial images into untraceable biometric IDs, enabling the system to identify registered passengers on-the-go without having to store their images.

In a competitive environment like aviation, safe travelling, comfortable aircrafts, and good onboard service are taken for granted by the passengers. To gain a competitive advantage, a service provider must further enhance the customer experience in unprecedented ways, through innovative interactions and data security.

Through testing the new system with real passengers, we proved that it has the potential to rejuvenate the entire departure experience, and provided information on the use of this solution for environments with large customer flows and tight security needs. Its’ use also positively impacts the brand image of Finnair and Finavia, as they are perceived as customer experience champions and pioneer of new technologies. The project had more than 400 media hits globally.

Nokian Tyres
Design a groundbreaking IoT service to improve road safety & increase off-season sales

Worn tires end lives. Nokian Tyres and Vianor want to change that. The hypothesis: improving drivers’ awareness of the condition of their tyres, and their impact on the safety of their loved ones, should decrease road accidents, and increase tire sales.

Through research, validation and testing, we designed an IoT service — Nokian Snapskan — that would automatically measure the condition of the tyres, then offer the driver the option of accessing the data, while supplying information about the impact of tyre condition on passenger safety and an opportunity to purchase new tyres. Nokian Snapskan uses 3D scanning technology, machine vision and the newest web technologies to measure tread depth and tyre safety.

A busy Q-Park garage in downtown Helsinki served as the staging ground for the pilot. The results obtained proved that people are willing to buy tyres in conjunction with the Snapskan measurement. Snapskan provides Nokian with a new channel for sales outside the market served by tyre storage facilities. The service launch generated over 400 articles in the press all over the world, with an estimated media audience of 66 million during its first six weeks in operation.

Plans are in place to roll the service out at parking garages and other facilities in Finland and, eventually, internationally.

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Social robotics, with state 
of the art algorithms for social competence

Futurice Robotics designs and implements creative robotic solutions for social environments. Social Robots can act as educators, guides, receptionists, artists, translators, and security guards, among many other roles.

The project was brought to life by Olli Ohls, Futurice Robotics Lead, Minja Axelsson, Human-Robot Interaction Designer, and Markus Paasovaara, Senior Developer & Systems Architecture.

__Their core services are facilitating design workshops and producing fully implemented robotic services. __

  • Constructing socially competent robotics services for a truly engaging user- experience as science has proven.
  • Designing robotic services holistically using custom-built design tools.
  • Connecting existing IoT solutions to augment the robots intelligence with relevant data streams and analytics.
  • Empowering robots with state-of-the-art technologies including: Real-time sentiment analysis, Facial recognition, Multi-language TTS, Multi-language speech recognition and real-time pose detection.

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