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Be ready for a seismic profit shift

Services are winning the race over physical cars!

The heart of the mobility industry is evolving — it's time to drive that change.

You'll need to do two things: give consumers more control of their data and deepen trust in your brand.

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A change in movement: How data is transforming the business of mobility

This whitepaper is a collection of Futurice thinking on the Now and the Next for mobility brands.

Key insights

  • 01

    Carmakers in pole position to lead the personal data race

    The personal data economy offers auto brands the opportunity to create new value propositions and to disrupt entire markets. Now it's time to step up the mark and find your ambition level

  • 02

    Will OEMs Own The Next Generation Of Data-Driven Automotive Services?

    Experiences a shift from product manufacturing to a consumer and data focused service orchestration. See how 3rd generation services will disrupt the business.

  • 03

    Value-To-Market: an alternative approach to service innovation

    When auto brands want to avoid being locked out from bigger profits, they need to move away from a time-focused mindset and embrace a long-term Value-to-Market approach.

  • 04

    The car is dead, long live the mobility ecosystem

    If auto brands are to survive they will need to take a radical new service-driven approach and shift their focus from simply building cars, to designing an ecosystem of integrated mobility services.


What needs to happen in order to win the game:

  • 01

    Create a Lean Digital Agenda

    What you need to do: Combine your expertise with cutting-edge data analysis – while keeping the customer at the core of everything.

    How we can help: Equipped with in-depth mobility experience we co-create your Lean Digital Agenda with you.

  • 02

    Focus on Lean Innovation

    What you need to do: Focus on lighthouse initiatives that promise high impact by combining perspectives.

    How we can help: Introduction of Value-to-Market way of working to reduce the risk of failing late.

  • 03

    Build the underlying platform

    What you need to do: Start with needs, not solutions. Open up your data and build an agile platform of services and partners.

    How we can help: We help orchestrate the emerging ecosystem technically, culturally and commercially.

  • 04

    Expand your Service Landscape

    What you need to do: Apply a customer-centric process relentlessly and stay 100% on-brand, aligned with the larger agenda.

    How we can help: We help your service owners to cooperate successfully instead of following fragmented agendas.

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  • Staying human-centred in a data economy


Helmut Scherer
Managing Director, MunichMunich

Yannick Engel
Business Director, MunichMunich

Emma-Leena Heikkinen
Head of Operations, StockholmStockholm

David Mitchell
Managing Director, UKLondon

Gianni Cardone
Design DirectorMunich

Jan Korsanke
Design DirectorMunich